The Na’vi cate­go­ri­ze their social songs into two groups that are ana­lo­gous to ter­restri­al dance tunes and ban­quet songs. The dance tunes are lively, upbeat, and extre­me­ly rhyth­mic. They are sung in uni­son, eit­her while dan­cing or obser­ving the dance. They are accom­pa­nied by drums. The cate­go­ry of ban­quet songs com­pri­ses three dis­tinct types of songs: ori­gin songs, his­to­ri­cal epi­cs of the Na’vi, and prai­se songs. The­se are the most musi­cal­ly com­plex songs; women sing a hete­ro­pho­nic melo­dy while men main­tain a dro­ne that the Na’vi belie­ve repres­ents the spi­rit of Eywa.