Na’­vi-Name:Paywll (“Was­ser­pflan­ze”)
Deut­scher Name:Dapo­phet
Wis­sen­schaft­li­cher Name:Aloepa­ri­lus succulentus
Höhe:Bis zu 2,5 Meter
Län­ge:1,5 Meter

The dapo­phet (Na’­vi namepaywll mea­ning “water plant”) is an unusu­al plant that stores water in its tis­su­es. The lea­ves to the top of the plant have a gene­tic sub­s­tance insi­de that has healing pro­per­ties when app­lied to skin. The Na’­vi use it to soot­he skin that has been bur­ned as well as to speed the healing of cuts and other inju­ries. The lea­ves can be ground up and inge­sted to soot­he upset sto­machs and cure other intes­ti­nal ailments.

The fle­shy, suc­cu­lent lea­ves that grow along the stem are water-fil­led and very popu­lar with the Na’­vi as a por­ta­ble hydra­ti­on sys­tem. They will pull off lea­ves and car­ry them along to suck on for water. When a leaf is pul­led off, a new one grows in its place. The lea­ves must be har­ve­s­ted care­ful­ly, howe­ver, becau­se the top lea­ves occa­sio­nal­ly eject spi­nes in the direc­tion of the stem when too many water-fil­led lea­ves are removed.