Avatar: The Way Of Water — Preview scenes transcripts

Lo’ak and Tsi­reya being scold­ed by Tono­wa­ri Ronal: “(To Tsi­reya:) You allo­wed this? You allo­wed him to bond with the out­cast?” Tono­wa­ri: “Tsi­reya… You disap­point me, daugh­ter. (To Lo’ak:) And you, son of a gre­at war­ri­or, who has been taught bet­ter.” Lo’ak: “Paya­kan saved my life, sir. You don’t know him.” Tsi­reya: “No, Lo’ak”. Tono­wa­ri: “(To Lo’ak:) … Read moreAva­tar: The Way Of Water — Pre­view sce­nes transcripts