Avatar: The Way Of Water — Preview scenes transcripts

Lo’ak and Tsireya being scolded by Tonowari

Ronal: “(To Tsi­reya:) You allo­wed this? You allo­wed him to bond with the outcast?”

Tono­wa­ri: “Tsi­reya… You disap­point me, daugh­ter. (To Lo’ak:) And you, son of a gre­at war­ri­or, who has been taught better.”

Lo’ak: “Paya­kan saved my life, sir. You don’t know him.”

Tsi­reya: “No, Lo’ak”.

Tono­wa­ri: “(To Lo’ak:) Sit. Sit. (To Tsi­reya, who’s still stan­ding up:) SIT DOWN!
(Puffs breath stron­gly to calm hims­elf, to Lo’ak:) Hear my words, boy. In the days of the First Songs, tul­kun fought amongst them­sel­ves for ter­ri­to­ry, and for reven­ge. But they came to belie­ve that kil­ling, no mat­ter how jus­ti­fied, only brings more kil­ling. So kil­ling was for­bid­den. This is the Tul­kun-Way. Paya­kan is a kil­ler. So he is outcast.”

Lo’ak: “I’m sor­ry, sir, but you’­re wrong.”

Ney­ti­ri: “Lo’ak! You speak to olo’eyktan.”

Lo’ak: “I know what I-”

Jake, inter­rup­t­ing Lo’ak: “That’s enough!”

Lo’ak: “I know what I know.” (Ronal har­rumphs / his­ses exaspe­ra­ted­ly at Lo’ak)

Jake: “(To Lo’ak:) That’s enough. (To Tono­wa­ri:) I’ll deal with this one.”

Mì aysrr ‘okro­lä, fpi hllpxìl­tu, kop fpi sìm­wi­äs­ko a kxu tul­kun tulkun­wä wolem. Slä fo sngä’i spi­vaw futa, ket­s­ran ftxey muiä fuke, tìt­s­pus­an­gìl tìt­s­pus­an­git nì’aw vey­ki­rä. Tafral tìt­s­pu­sang slu kxanì. Tsaw lu fya’o tul­ku­nä. Paya­kan lu tspan­gyu. Tafral po lu kxanì.

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